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  • Matcha Powder, What is it?

    Matcha is shade grown green tea leaves that are stone ground into a fine powder. Simply mix with hot water and enjoy. Using this powdered green tea is even easier than using tea bags and doesn’t cost the earth like using individual tea bags does, because the beautiful powder dissolves completely - no bag needed! Not only is it easier to use than regular green tea bags, it is also better for you. It’s packed full of nutrients, making this powdered green tea an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle!

    What is Matcha?

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  • Matcha Tea Health Benefits

    Matcha green tea has been proven time and time again to have major health benefits. It is full of amino acids such as theanine which help strengthen your immune system and build essential muscle. These amino acids also bust stress and lift your mood, while giving you an energy boost from the caffeine without those coffee jitters! It also aids in weight loss and is therefore an amazing addition to any healthy lifestyle.

    Health Benefits of Matcha

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