About Us


After attending a Kyoto tea ceremony while in Japan in 2013, my wife and I decided that we would partake in a tea ceremony training course. We were both handed honorary certificates stating that we could successfully perform a tea ceremony (technically everyone got them). Both the tea ceremony and the training course were quite the experience. We were in love with Matcha’s beautiful taste and health benefits.

What drove us to pursue Matcha?

Matcha is a no brainer. It makes you focused, yet calm. Gives you energy, but no crash. Full of antioxidants, and delicious! We were sick of the way coffee made us feel, and when we discovered Matcha while at a tea ceremony in Kyoto, we were hooked! We all know that coffee is popular because of it’s taste and energy boost, but we felt Matcha is just as versatile and tastes just as amazing with way more benefits!

A little bit About Us

He's an American who moved to and fell in love with Australia at the age of 21. She’s a Novocastrian (Newcastle, NSW) who moved to and fell in love with Melbourne. Together, they are huge Matcha lovers!