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What is Matcha?

What is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

You may be wondering, ‘what is matcha green tea made of?’ - Matcha is simply a dissolvable powder that is made of 100 percent pure green tea leaves. It is a special kind of tea, due to its unique and careful growing and processing. It all starts with beautiful high quality tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant. These tea plants are grown in the sun, and then the farmers cover the leaves, protecting and shading them from the sun in the last stages of their growth. Providing shade is one of the things that makes matcha unique from regular green tea leaves that are brewed, as well as what making it better for you, due to the shade growing technique causing increases in the leaves amino acids. The leaves are then hand picked and the stems of the plant are removed. The leaves are then stone ground into a fine powder that is vibrant bright green, rich in earthy tea flavour and dissolves beautifully into hot water or milk.

What Is Matcha Powder

Matcha is really good for your health, especially compared to regular green tea. The shade growing process that we mentioned above is what intensifies matcha’s caffeine, chlorophyll and amino acid content. The most significant of these amino acids is the L-theanine which ithe body uses to help fight anxiety, high blood pressure, preventing alzheimer’s disease and increasing the effectiveness of cancer drugs. Not only the unique growing process makes matcha so much better than regular green tea. The fact that you consume the whole tea leaf, instead of brewing the leaves and then discarding them as you would when you have regular green tea, is what makes matcha so amazing. This is because you are getting all of the intense health benefits that green tea has to offer in your cup by dissolving and consuming the whole powder. Compare it to boiling kale and then just drinking the leftover water. We all know it is more beneficial to eat the whole kale leaf and the same goes for green tea leaves! These are just some of the reasons that matcha is praised as a superfood.

What Is Matcha Tea

Difference Between Organic Matcha and Non-Organic Matcha?

Organic matcha is grown in a slightly different way from non-organic matcha. Organic matcha is grown in the same way that organic foods are typically produced, without the use of agro-chemicals or pesticides in the growing process. Not using natural fertilisers in organic matcha production means that the plants cannot be shade grown, which is a traditional process that improves the flavour, colour and health benefits of the tea leaves. This means that the leaves of the organic matcha tea plant are thicker, stronger and have a lower amino acid content. Because of this, unlike the bitter taste of traditional matcha, organic matcha tends to have a more mild and creamy umami flavour which many people enjoy!

However this isn’t to say that non-organic matcha is completely filled with chemicals. The chemicals and fertilisers used to grow non-organic matcha are completely natural, however they are just not certified organic. In addition, every growing region in Japan use different amounts of chemicals over others. The Uji region where we source our tea is known for having the least bitter non-organic matcha. This is due to the wonderful nutrient rich growing conditions in this area. Perfect growing conditions means that growing tea in the Uji region requires minimal use of natural agro-chemicals and pesticides.

At Matcha Me, we wanted our customers to have a choice between organic and non-organic varieties because we think both are great. So, we tried a lot of different kinds of matcha from different farms around Japan so that we could select a non-organic matcha that we think tastes just as good as our organic product! You won’t be able to tell the difference between our organic and non-organic matcha because they both taste beautiful.

Where is matcha from?

Matcha; Literally meaning Powdered Tea in Japanese - is unique to Japan and is an important part of Japanese culture. It has been celebrated in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, as well as being used by buddhist monks in their meditation for hundreds of years. Matcha aids meditation because it improves mental processes and focus, as well as improving your mood. The healthiest and longest living people on the planet were onto something with matcha!

Our matcha in particular comes from an area called Uji which is a famous tea growing region in Kyoto - the absolute heart of matcha green tea! You might have heard of Kyoto because it is a place famous for the traditional Japanese arts. In particular it is popularised for geisha and traditional Japanese tea ceremonies!

China also produces a green tea powder that is cheaper than Japanese matcha. Chinese powdered green tea is not considered “matcha” as it is not processed in the same careful way as Japanese powdered green tea. This poor quality processing results in a sandy mouth feel, a sub-optimal flavour and a texture that does not froth or dissolve like a Japanese matcha does. Chinese powdered green tea has also come under scrutiny for the use of banned pesticides. Therefore, when selecting matcha, you should ensure that it comes from Japan. This is why Matcha Me is passionate about sourcing its matcha from the famous Uji region of Kyoto in Japan. This means that we get to deliver the absolute best quality matcha green tea.

Matcha Tea Side Effects and Health Benefits

Matcha tea has a whole host of wonderful health benefits! It is packed full of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All of this packed in goodness boosts metabolism, balances the body’s pH, enhances mood and concentration, provides a sense of calm and prevents ageing and chronic disease. It also aids in muscle recovery after strength or cardio training, resulting in improved physical endurance and more fat burn. Matcha also increases the body’s thermogenesis, boosting calorie burn and oxidising fat. There are even studies that have proven the effectiveness of matcha in fighting certain kinds of cancers and the research in this area is ongoing.

See our Matcha Health Benefits page for more information!

Why is Matcha So Expensive?

To put it simply, matcha requires a lot more work, time, and overall involvement than other forms of tea. Producing an a high quality, beautiful matcha tea takes a lot more time, work and involvement than other forms of tea. Shade growing, picking and de-stemming of leaves and stone grinding processes all takes time and effort by matcha farmers. Luckily, the result is a better tasting, and better-for-you beverage.

Why is Matcha So Popular?

Matcha is so popular for many reasons. First of all, it is absolutely jam-packed with amino acids, chlorophyll, minerals and other nutrients which have amazing health benefits. Matcha improves mental cognition and has a positive effect on mood and anxiety thanks to the combination of caffeine and amino acid L-theanine. The high amount of amino acids in matcha also boosts your immune system and help to fight off free radicals which cause ageing and disease. This also makes it useful for preventing chronic disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. Matcha also helps to promote recovery of your muscles after working out, oxidises fat and boosts the body’s metabolic process (thermogenesis), making your body burn more calories! Generations of the world’s most healthy population (the Japanese) can’t be wrong!

These properties in matcha are responsible for preventing free radical damage which cause ageing and disease, as well as enhancing your mood and mental cognition. Matcha also helps promote muscle recovery after workouts, boosts immunity and oxidises fat (aiding in weight loss or body fat reduction). Not to mention, matcha has an incredibly delicious flavour!

Why is Matcha So Popular

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Matcha Me FAQs

Matcha is a completely natural substance made from the special harvesting and processing of green tea leaves. It originated in Japan, and has been part of Japanese tea ceremonies for hundreds of years due to its health benefits and its ability to provide lasting energy and mental focus.

Matcha and brewed green tea come from the same plant, but they are prepared and then consumed differently. Tea plants used to grow leaves for matcha are shade grown to produce higher amounts of chlorophyll and amino acids, making matcha much better for you than steeped green tea. It also does not come in a bag, it is in powder form so you reap the benefits of consuming the whole leaf!

Matcha is very good for your body. It is high in antioxidants which help to prevent ageing and ward off disease such as cancer by fighting against free radicals which damage the body’s cells. It also protects the liver against damage and aids in weight loss, making this simple 100% natural powder an amazing tool for a healthy lifestyle. As a bonus to enhancing your body’s health, it also helps with mental health by boosting mood and mental cognition.

We offer only the best quality premium Japanese matcha! We have scoured Japan searching for the best premium matcha! We found a certified organic (Organic House Matcha) and a non organic (Culinary Matcha) which are both amazing! Our matcha products are Japanese 100% pure matcha powder which have a brilliant umami-sweet taste with no nasty additives.

There are 3 grades of matcha - ceremonial (a highly expensive matcha used for very special occasions), premium (a high quality matcha that is more affordable) and blended or non-Japanese matcha. At Matcha Me, we think it is important to get the best quality matcha for an affordable price which is why our organic house matcha and our culinary matcha are both premium grade.

Yes matcha is a powdered green tea and green tea does contain caffeine. Because matcha is a powdered form of the whole green tea leaf, it contains more caffeine than regular brewed green tea, at about 30mg per serve. This is about half the amount found in a serving of coffee. However, the caffeine in matcha is actually better than the caffeine you get from coffee and this is thanks to the amino acid content that makes the body’s absorption slower. This makes the energy boost more sustainable and means you don’t get the the crash, spike or jitters!

Yes we do offer wholesale of our products, sourced straight from Japan. We pride ourselves on helping our wholesale customers achieve their goals when it comes to matcha. To find out more, read on at our wholesale page and send us an email!

Combine 1-2 tsp of matcha powder into ¼ cup of hot (but not boiling water). Whisk in a zig-zag motion until the matcha dissolves, no lumps are left and a thick froth forms on top. It couldn't be easier!

We offer free shipping on orders over $20 within Australia and we also offer international shipping!

Matcha is a great accompaniment to your weight loss plan because it is full of weight loss benefits. It speeds up your metabolism, speeds up the rate at which your body burns calories by speeding up thermogenesis and it also helps with exercise endurance and muscle recovery times.

Matcha is a very healthy drink that has been enjoyed for thousands of years, but some people might interpret the powder’s many health benefits to think that they can consume lots of matcha! Matcha still contains caffeine and you may experience some stomach upset or nausea if you have too much. Try not to have too many cups of matcha a day, or make your matcha teas weaker and avoid drinking matcha on an empty stomach if that causes you upset.

Matcha has a really interesting sweet-savoury taste, thanks to the chlorophyll and amino acid content that make it so dang healthy! The best way to describe matcha would be earthy, vegetal and smooth with a sweet taste after drinking.

Matcha lasts for up to a whole year and a half! For best storage, store your Matcha Me matcha in a cool, dark place such as the fridge. You can also store it inside a cupboard. Please don’t store matcha in direct sunlight or it may lose its colour and nutritional value slightly quicker than normal.

Both matcha and green tea are derived from the plant called camellia sinensis, however matcha is not whole dried leaves, it is a smooth bright green powder that dissolves into hot water. It is a lot higher in nutritional benefit than regular green tea leaves that you brew due to consuming the whole leaf. This makes matcha a great choice for a healthy lifestyle!

You can buy our matcha exclusively from our online store on our website! Our house matcha is organic and we also sell a culinary matcha! Head over to our wholesale page and use the contact form if you are interested in wholesale for your cafe or business or if you’d like to stock our matcha!

We chose the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan to source our matcha from. We tried many different matchas from many farms in the area until we found one that we thought tasted the best, had the best colour and dissolved beautifully.

Yes we do sell accessories on our website! We sell beautiful Melbourne made artisanal pottery cups as well as traditional bamboo scoops and whisks for making your perfect drink.

Matcha Me was born and raised in Melbourne Australia, but we source our matcha from Japan. We ship from our matcha from Melbourne to the rest of Australia for free and we also offer international shipping.