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What is Matcha? 


What is Matcha?

So what exactly is this green powder that tastes oh so good?

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea and is an important aspect of Japanese culture, with historic Kyoto being the heart and soul of matcha powder. To ensure the finest product possible, we choose to source the majority of our tea straight from—you guessed it—Kyoto. That’s how we give you matcha lovers the most superior matcha tea in the market.

Matcha is made from green tea leaves that are shade grown, the leaves are known as Tencha. Growing the leaves in the shade promotes the production of caffeine and theanine inside the leaves; the natural chemical combo that is responsible for the feeling of calm focus that matcha provides. Once ready, the leaves are picked and their stems and veins are removed. The leaves are then stone ground into a fine powder which can be dissolved into liquid or added to any dish to add health benefits, delicious flavour, and brilliant colour.

Matcha boosts metabolism, balances pH, enhances mood and concentration, provides a sense of calm and prevents ageing and chronic disease due to its unmatched antioxidant properties. And better yet, these are only some of its health benefits. Its strong taste and aroma is what keeps matcha lovers coming back for more.

Why is matcha so popular?

Green tea has been popular for many years, but the difficulty in having to brew the leaves to use it in culinary dishes has prevented it from becoming mainstream. Matcha's ability to be dissolved easily and its intensive green tea taste make for a winning combination.

Why is matcha so expensive?

To put it simple, matcha requires a lot more work, time, and overall involvement than other forms of tea; this typically results in a better tasting, and better-for-you beverage.