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Handmade Matcha Bowl (Chawan)


Buy Handmade Matcha Bowl Chawan

Our handcrafted matcha bowl, also known as a type of chawan, has been hand made by a local Melbourne artisanal ceramicist, Sandra Bowkett. We worked with Sandra to create a matcha tea bowl that was the perfect shape, size and colour for our matcha! The result is a modern take on the traditional Japanese matcha tea bowl.

Our matcha tea bowl features a clean, almost white clay, with beautiful green glaze. Sandra’s method involves using a ‘bourry box’ wood firing kiln. You will notice an almost burnt look to the clay due to the heat and ash of the wood fired kiln. Because of this handmade artisanal process, no two bowls are exactly the same, revealing the beauty of handmade ceramics! Handmade items such as our chawan are a truly unique gift for yourself or someone special.

Approximately 12cm wide x 7cm high. Approximate volume of 250ml.

We recommend the use of our ceremonial grade matcha powder with our handmade matcha chawan. Using this extremely high quality tea made from premium Japanese green tea leaves will allow you to create a perfect matcha tea like the ones made in Japanese tea ceremonies. Traditional tea during a tea ceremony is made using a matcha tea bowl, a bamboo whisk and a bamboo matcha scoop, as well as a high quality ceremonial grade matcha that creates a smooth and strong flavoured frothy cup of tea. Simply place 1 to 2 teaspoons of our ceremonial grade matcha into your matcha bowl, pour over hot (but not boiling) water slowly a little at a time and then whisk, whisk, whisk! Take your time whisking to make sure that the matcha becomes thick, smooth and frothy as the Japanese tea ceremony is all about recognising and enjoying the nature of the present moment and company!

If you are a more modern matcha tea drinker, head over to our matcha recipes page where you will find a recipe for a matcha latte instead! No judgement here, all forms of matcha are our favourite!


To prepare, add 1/2 tsp scoop of matcha into your favourite matcha bowl and add 200ml of warm water (80° C). Whisk together until frothy and enjoy!

Store in a cool, dry place



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