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Matcha Tea Set


This Japanese tea ceremony set combines all of the components required for a tea ceremony, or for simply enjoying your Japanese green tea at home, and puts them into one handy kit! Our tea set includes one 80g pouch of our best selling certified organic matcha and two of the most essential matcha accessories - one of our bamboo whisks and one of our bamboo scoops.

This is the perfect for the beginning matcha green tea lover or as a gift set for a loved one. Enjoy free shipping on your Japanese tea set order, with free shipping on all orders over $20!

Our Organic House matcha is made from pure 100% green tea leaves which have been hand picked and then stone ground into a beautiful vibrant and delicious Japanese matcha green tea powder. Use it with your whisk and scoop to create traditional matcha tea, matcha lattes, or one of our popular matcha recipes over on the recipes page!

We recommend soaking the bamboo whisk in warm water for a minute or two before use. This will prevent breakage, as the whisk is very brittle when dry because it is carved out of bamboo to create the delicate coils that whisk your matcha powder!

Please note that due to crafting techniques, each scoop may vary slightly in size, shape and colour.

One scoop is approximately 1g of matcha powder.


To prepare, add 1/2 tsp scoop of matcha into your favourite matcha bowl and add 200ml of warm water (80° C). Whisk together until frothy and enjoy!

Store in a cool, dry place



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